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Electives are offered to all campers enrolled in General Camp and Special Programs.

Electives give campers the opportunity to make choices while here at camp, whether its delving into a specific program area they enjoy or challenging themselves to try something new.

Each week, campers choose from a variety of creative, active and fun activities, allowing them to tailor their own Summer Fenn experience.
How electives work

Middle Campers select up to 4 electives – They could have two different elective activities that meet on Monday and Tuesday and two more elective activities that meet on Wednesday and Thursday.

Upper Campers and Half & Half Special Program Campers select up to 6 electives.  They could have three different elective activities that meet on Monday and Tuesday and three more elective activities that meet on Wednesday and Thursday.

Full Day Special Program Campers select up to 2 electives, one that meets on Monday and Tuesday and a different elective activity that meets on Wednesday and Thursday.

Senior Campers select between 2 and 4 electives depending on their schedule.

Here SAMPLE list of just some of the electives we have offered!

Free Swim                    Juggling                          Mountain Biking
Slip and Slide               Duct Tape Art                Flag Football
Woodworking               Jewelry Making            Basketball
Ceramics                      Glass Tiles                        Scooter Hockey
Digital Imagery          Graffiti Art                     Soccer
Comic Creations          T-Shirt Design               Ga Ga Ball
Video Shorts                Fort Building                  Dr. Dodgeball 
Dance                            Gnome Homes                Card Tricks
Theatre Games           Frog Catching                Domino Domination
Drumming                  Climbing Wall                Speed Stacking
Beat Boxing                 High Ropes                      And MANY MORE......
Lower Campers' electives introduce campers to the individual choice that is an integral part of the Summer Fenn experience.  Counselors offer a variety of activity options throughout each week that are created with the needs and interests of this younger age group in mind, therefore their choices differ from those of our older campers.  Staff work closely with campers, guiding them as they make positive choices about how to participate fully at a level they will enjoy.  By maintaining a high level of flexibility we ensure that campers have fun and are successful.

Sample of Lower Camp Elective Choices
Soccer                               Bug Hunting
Pastels                               Floor Hockey
Slip and Slide                  Scavenger Hunts
Mask Making                  Tennis Baseball
Lego Creations                Pom Pom Creatures