Faculty Spotlight: Nat Carr
Posted 04/29/2015 02:13PM

Meet Nat Carr ’97, who teaches science, serves as Secondary School Placement director, and is an eighth grade advisor and a varsity football and lacrosse coach.

Q. What drew you to Fenn?

A. As an alumnus, I have always felt Fenn has been a special place for me. When I was finishing college and considering a career in education, Fenn was the place I hoped I would someday be able to return to, which I did eleven years ago, taking last year to earn my master’s degree at Columbia.


Q. What do you value most about your Fenn education?

A. I value most the friendships that I forged with my classmates and teachers (many of the latter are not my colleagues) while at Fenn.


Q. What do you enjoy most about teaching at Fenn?

A. Fenn is a fun, energetic, and caring community that puts the wellbeing of its students and faculty above all else. It is fun to come to work here!


Q. What about your other major responsibility, secondary school placement?

A. As the director, I work alongside Gisela Hernandez-Skayne and Lauri Wishner as we help families through the secondary school admissions process. This work is a great deal of fun because it requires us to learn about fantastic schools in our area and help each family find which schools will help their son to continue to grow and develop.


Q. What do you hope you provide the boys you work with and what do you hope they will take away from your classes, teams, and advisor group?

A. I hope that each student will feel as if his teacher/advisor/coach took an interest in him and pushed him to grow.


Q. What are your passions and interests outside of teaching?

A. I love to run, ski, play golf, and generally be active outside with friends and family. Family time is important; my wife Katie is a first grade teacher at The Park School in Brookline and we are expecting our first child.

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