Faculty Spotlight: Jenn Youk See
Posted 04/29/2015 02:18PM

Meet Jenn Youk See, who teaches mathematics, serves as assistant director of Diversity, and is a seventh grade advisor.

Q. What drew you to Fenn nine years ago?

A. I came to Fenn through the Diversity Internship program. I was thinking of teaching after college, but wasn’t comfortable having my own classroom yet. The Diversity Internship program seemed like it would be a nice introduction to various aspects of school life, giving me enough exposure to make a knowledgeable decision about what to do as a career.


Q. What do you enjoy most about teaching at Fenn?

A. How this community really strives to take care of one another. The amount of camaraderie between teachers and between students is something that is rare. I have very few work environments to compare it to, but I know that the positive nature of this work environment is a gift. Teachers and students actually like coming to school.


Q. What are your other major responsibilities at Fenn?

A. I help promote inclusivity in the community. It is important to me simply because I am fostering the one aspect of the community that I most value. It is also a community contribution where members can take what they are exposed to and apply it to life outside of Fenn. I use my own experiences in my work: I was raised by my mom and my immediate family is small, but I have an extensive extended family, including members in Chicago, Florida, New York, Antigua, and England, but most are in Trinidad.


Q. What do you hope to provide your students and what do you hope they will come away with?

A. I hope that they have a greater sense of independence as students. I want them to develop good student habits and do their absolute best before seeking help. I hope they learn to embrace something that is challenging and appreciate the elegance of an efficient solution. I hope they learn to be resourceful and to understand who they are as learners and how they best process information.


Q. What are your passions and interests outside of teaching?

A. I love learning new skills. I will always gravitate towards salsa dancing, volleyball, and crating; however, recently running, photography, painting, and cooking have piqued my interest. I regularly volunteer to pull water chestnuts out of the Charles River during the summers and love traveling to new places, such as to Ghana last year. 

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