Faculty Spotlight: Marilyn Schmalenberger
Posted 05/28/2015 09:51AM

Meet Marilyn Schmalenberger, who is an admissions assistant, school receptionist, and art teacher.  

Q: What drew you to Fenn?

A: I was hired in 1987 to assume a temporary nine-month position in the front office as nurse, receptionist, and admissions assistant to fill a leave taken by another employee. Just as she was scheduled to return, a full-time position became available in the Business Office.

Q: What have been your duties over the last 28 years?

A: I worked there for sixteen years handling accounts payable/receivables, payroll and benefits, general accounting, and many other tasks. During that time we transitioned from a handwritten accounting system to a computerized one. I was there when the School got its first copier (to replace the mimeograph machine), first FAX machine, and voicemail phone system. Ten years ago I returned to my first position (without the nursing!) in the front office and I work more closely with admissions now.

I began teaching cartooning as an Upper School arts elective about eight years ago; I love sharing my interest in this art form; cartooning is one of the most powerful visual communication mediums on the planet.

Q: What do you enjoy most about working here?

A: I love working at Fenn because of the people and the sense of community and sharing. I also love being part of the transformation of our students from small boys into self-assured young men during their years here.

Q: What do you hope your students come away with from your classes?

A: I hope that boys take away an understanding of the power of cartooning, that they learn how art can enrich their lives, and that they feel successful in their cartooning efforts.

Q: What are your interests/passions?

A: I love hiking in the mountains, identifying wildflowers, birding, playing the bass or ukulele, reading, and gardening. I also love to travel and see new places and experience different cultures.


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