Meet Julie Genova
Posted 07/14/2015 09:41AM

Meet Julie Genova, our administrator of health services; the Health Center is in the W.W.F. building.

Q. What drew you to Fenn?

A. I was drawn to the age of the students and the single sex population. I was thankful to be given the opportunity four years ago to use my prior hospital, nurse case management, and school nurse experience to become Fenn’s health administrator. What’s more, I am a Concord resident and knew that Fenn has a wonderful reputation for academics and for care of its students.

Q. What is the primary goal of the Health Office?

A. To facilitate the student’s ability to learn. Whether his ailment is physical or emotional, it is my hope that a boy’s time in the office will enable him to fully participate in the classroom experience.

Q. What are your days like in the Health Office?

A. A boy visits the Health Office for one of many reasons on any given day. Illness and injury are common causes for most visits, but boys with psychosocial needs and cases of injury prevention education are other reasons for student visits. I incorporate holistic wellness education into every visit during the day. My hope is to teach the boys not only how to treat illness and injury appropriately, but more important, how to prevent illness and injury in the future. Our athletic trainer Jennifer Geller is another wonderful resource for our boys and she incorporates a very similar philosophy to mine into her practice.

Q. What else are you involved in at Fenn that relates to your responsibilities as Health Administrator?

A. I am a participating member of the Safety Committee and of the Student Life Committee. Representing the Health Office on these committees offers time for good collegiate dialogue. We continue to review our safety practices and the wellness of our students, faculty, staff, and visitors to our wonderful school.

Q. What are the rewards of your work with boys?

A. Hearing the words “Thank you” and seeing a boy smile after visiting the Health Office are so encouraging. They confirm in so many ways that the work being done by the Health Office is making a difference in the lives of boys here at Fenn.

Q. What are your passions or interests outside of teaching?

A. I enjoy being outdoors year round and particularly love hiking, skiing, running, tennis, biking, boating, and gardening. I love exploring the many trail systems that we are lucky to have in Concord and in surrounding towns. A lot of what we do involves our three children, two boys and a girl ranging from fourth to ninth grade. My husband and I, who met when we were students at Waltham High School, are lucky to have extended family living close by.