Meet Tony Santos
Posted 07/14/2015 12:53PM

Meet Tony Santos, who teaches photography and coaches thirds basketball and JV baseball. Tony joined the Fenn community thirty years ago. He has a son, 24, and daughters 19 and 17.

Q: What drew you to Fenn?

A: After working in the scientific and medical photography field, heading a photo department at a production house, and running my own freelance business, I decided to explore the possibilities offered by teaching. 

Q: What do you enjoy most about teaching here?

A: Teaching and coaching the boys is so gratifying. Watching them make the transition from grade schoolers to young men is amazing to witness and take part in. Working at Fenn is very special and I can’t imagine not having shared these thirty years with a more caring and intellectually stimulating group of colleagues.

Q: What other school activities have been important to you?

A: I just attended my first diversity retreat. I have gone to Gaining Ground with the boys on a number of occasions. I am looking to be more involved in these types of activities.

Q: What do you hope boys will come away with after being in your classes?

A: My goal is to help the boys see the world around them in a new way. I hope to help them “take off the blinders” and visually examine their surroundings as artists and not just in passing. I want them to realize and experience the beauty that makes up our world and not take it for granted.

Q: What are your passions/interests outside of teaching?

A: I love museums. I really enjoy traveling. I like to go fishing, snorkeling, body surfing. I enjoy treasure hunting at auctions, flea markets, and tag sales. I love spending time with my children.

Q: What did Fenn do for your son?

A: Fenn instilled in my son the core values we cherish so much. It certainly helped shape him into the competent, caring, and empathetic person he is today. He was always a confident and intelligent boy and Fenn certainly nurtured and refined these traits?


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