Faculty Spotlight: Liz Cobblah
Posted 08/11/2016 04:18PM

Meet Elizabeth Updike Cobblah, who teaches ceramics, art, painting, and sculpture, and who is active on the Diversity Committee.

Q. What drew you to Fenn?

A. I was drawn to Fenn by the caring community that it is. My husband Tete was already teaching here [since 1985] and I felt it was a nurturing place for students, families, and faculty. I joined the faculty in 1994.

Q. What do you enjoy most about teaching at Fenn?

A. I love the varied rhythms of my day, teaching all of the grades. I benefit from a change in tempo, interactions, and perspective and I have all of that here.

Q. What do you hope to provide your students and what do you hope they will come away with?

A. I hope boys in my classes feel nurtured, and empowered to create and to respond to art in their worlds. I hope they begin to feel responsible for resources.

Q. What are your passions and interests outside of teaching?

A. Fresh air, exercise, the natural world, family, and friends are essential sustainers. Theatre, museums, and concerts are, too.

Q. What did Fenn do for your children?

A. Anoff ’01 and Kwame ’03, now ages 30 and 28 respectively, are both teachers, and Anoff is married. They had a good time here and discovered important things about themselves. Teachers, coaches, and friends responded to them in mostly positive ways, and drew them out. The experience was rich despite the challenge for them at the time to be boys of color here. Over the years, the population has grown more diverse, which is wonderful, and we continue to work on that.  


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