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Spring. Is. Finally. Here.  

As the daughter of a meteorologist, I have always been proud of stalwartly sticking to the dictum of: “There is no such thing as bad weather—only inopportune circumstances.”  The variety of elements New England throws at us throughout the year is awesome, in both the fear-inducing and admiration-earning senses of the word. But I’d be fibbing if I denied that this March—and my advisees’ constant jokes about Planet Hoth—just about destroyed me.

Fortunately, I can now write about how we’re getting some relief from the chilly pattern. On April 1, the first warm day with strong sunshine, I had the joy of seeing boys spending time outside: From my classroom window, I spied an Upper Schooler reading and reclining on a bench in the new courtyard between Jafari Library and the Schoolhouse; at recess, I saw boys squishing pell-mell across the still damp and barely green Green in front of Ward Hall; during morning drop-off, I dodged Lower Schoolers playing ball in the front of the school as I made my way to my room. Spring is finally here, and we’re all ready to reconnect with the surrounding environment that seemed—at times—hostile to us the past few months.

April in Massachusetts is a great month to be thinking about our environment and appreciating local ecology. At Fenn, the boys have several great events to look forward to:

April 14th-18th is National Environmental Education Week. The faculty of the science department has vowed to take each of their classes outside at least once during that period; that way, every Fenn boy will have a chance to learn outside at least once that week. Boys will be planting in the garden, doing campus sustainability audits, measuring plant mass, nature journaling, and a lot more. Other faculty will be joining the science department in their efforts as well. Keep an eye on Fenn’s Facebook and Twitter feeds and on the website for scenes from our outdoor adventures!  (And hope for “good” weather.)

  • It’s been a bit of a wait, but we’re ready to start putting things in the school garden again. We are aiming to continue our partnership with Gaining Ground by providing space for and tending their excess seedlings. Additionally, we’ll have the boys do some serious planning around growing food for the kitchen here. I anticipate some healthy crops and some happy worms this year, since the boys have been doing wonderful work collecting veggie scraps from the dining hall for the compost bin.
  • Boys also have a chance right now to appreciate the interior environment they inhabit; part of that appreciation involves respecting the resources that come from the outdoors and that make the indoors comfortable for us. Over 100 boys have signed up to play our newest energy conservation game, Light Bulb Baseball. The only goal of the game is to turn off lights that have been left on - pretty simple. 

So, here’s to the milder weather of April, May, and June!

Posted by in Cameren Cousins on Thursday April, 3, 2014


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