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A Reflection at Year’s End

By nature, the end of the school year, despite its frenetic pace, prompts reflection on raising and educating boys. In the past nine months that we’ve shared with your sons, you as parents have been witness at home to their behind-the-scenes moments of elation, fear, disappointment, and satisfaction as they’ve invested themselves in school life with its challenges, triumphs, achievements, and failures.

Your parental love, support, and encouragement balanced with your clear expectations and wise discipline have served as a firm foundation for your sons’ growth at Fenn this year. Your boys have been fortunate to receive the generous gift you provide them of the broad and deep opportunities of a Fenn education along with your unfailing love and care as parents.

Striving to do our part as educators, we have worked our hardest to engage your sons in a full and rich life at Fenn. We believe your sons are finding and cultivating their emerging talents and are learning to invest themselves so that one day they will be ready, Sua Sponte, to make their own way in their lives and professions. At times our efforts with your sons have come in the form of affirming and nurturing and at other times in the form of challenging and calling forth.  Each of these educational approaches is needed for boys to grow and be resilient, to employ with success their proven capabilities, and to be confident in who they are and how they can contribute in the world.

As we prepare to send our seventy-four soon-to-be Fenn graduates from grades eight and nine into the world beyond Fenn, I have composed a personal reflection about each boy in keeping with a longstanding Fenn tradition. The reflections, which I’ll offer at graduation exercises or at the evening celebration of the eighth grade, are individual stories of boys’ growing to become young men. Each reflection has its own plot, reflecting the unique and talented boy whom we’ve come to know and nurture in this personal community. Each reflection is set in the context of a school that is inspired by who boys are and who they can become.

As this school year will soon expire, you too will likely reflect on your own son’s journey at Fenn. I hope that you see a chapter of your son’s life, perhaps with some bumps in the road, which will serve as an essential part of his story of becoming a confident, talented, and accomplished man well after he leaves us at Fenn. Back on Monument Street, inside Fenn’s white fences, we’ll continue to do the sometimes hard but always gratifying work of educating boys, which remains our calling and privilege in this school that we hope is a true haven for boys.

At year’s end, on behalf of our faculty and staff, I thank you for entrusting to Fenn your son’s education in these crucial years of his life.    

Posted by in Jerry Ward on Tuesday May, 26, 2015


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