Manpower Month

Every October, when the leaves start to turn and the air is crisp and it's glorious to be outside, Fenn holds a Manpower Month.  The goal of Manpower Month is to replace miles normally driven by car with miles that are walked, biked, skated, or rowed.  We don’t always have to burn fossil fuels to get where we need to go.  For every mile it travels, the average-sized sedan emits about one pound of carbon dioxide, in addition to nitrogen oxides and irritating particulate matter.  So, while Fenn boys may not even have their licenses yet, they still do have the power to keep many pounds of auto emissions out of our atmosphere by walking or biking when they can. 

We encourage the boys to get their families involved as they do errands, go to the movies, or get escorted to school by bike.  Any distance counts, anywhere, any time during the month of October!  We also encourage boys to talk with their parents about how to be safe pedestrians and bikers - they should check their equipment prior to every trip, know the rules of the road (and sidewalks!), and think carefully about wearing visible clothing.


Do miles traveled on the weekends count, too?

Absolutely!  You can accumulate miles by traveling anywhere by bike or by foot.  Skateboard to the ice cream shop on Saturday afternoon, walk to the bus stop on Wednesday morning, bike to a friend’s house on Friday evening….

How do I figure out the miles I traveled?

The site allows you to plot a course along roads and to watch the miles add up!

Can I count the miles I ran for exercise or the miles I walked my dog?

While your pup probably thoroughly enjoyed their time outside with you, you can’t count the miles you would normally have walked.  Remember, the goal of Manpower Month is to replace the miles you would regularly drive with human-powered forms of transportation, and to see the environmental benefit from those miles saved.

I plan to walk a lot for Halloween, on the last day of Manpower Month. Will that count?

You are allowed one car ride out, and one car ride back home.  For example, if you need to travel to a neighborhood safe for being out on the road, your parents can drop you off at a friend's house and then pick you up again.  You can't get into a second car during the night.  How can you plan your route so we can all have a Green Halloween?

What if a parent escorts me to or from somewhere? Do their miles count?

Sure!  They're not using a car to bring you where you need to go, so they're participating in Manpower Month, too.





Thanks for participating in 2018!  Start training for next year....

2018 MILES




Manpower Month 2018 has come to an end.  Check back soon for a total tally.

More importantly, don't stop walking, riding, or paddling.  Every mile you travel without a car really makes a difference!

Manpower Month 2011 Video
Manpower Month 2013 Video
Manpower Month 2015 Video


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