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The Change Agent

Teaching tolerance

Creatively Teaching Multicultural Art

Discusses can I teach art in a ways that makes my students take pride in their own cultural identity while gaining respect and appreciation for the art of other cultures? View

World Myths and Legends in Art

Minneapolis Institute of Arts uses 26 works of art selected from its collections to explore mythology from around the world. View

*Critical Multicultural Pavilion

Various resources on multicultural education. See in particular the Multicultural Pavilion Teacher's Corner: A great site with impressive resources and links. The Teacher's online archives have children's literature, historic documents, tribal documents, and speeches by Martin Luther King, Mandela and others. Teachers' Toolbox has a photo gallery and multicultural song index. Historic African-American literature collection online for older students. There are also good links to multicultural ed. resources. View

Digital History

Includes Asian American, Enslaved, Mexican American, and Native American Voices along with teaching materials, active learning, multimedia and much else. View

Multicultural Book Reviews

Web site for educators to share information on multicultural books. View

Multiculturalism and Storytelling

Lesson plans created by participants in the Center for Documentary Expression and Art's "Multiculturalism and Storytelling" course. Each lesson plan is designed for specific grade levels, but can be tailored for students of various levels and aptitudes. View

Contains current and historical information for students interested in one or more of the fifty-three countries on the continent. View

African American Resources

Web links set up by University of Southern California's Center for Multilingual, Multicultural Research. Very complete. View

Native American Resources

Excellent links to Native American resources on the web, including tribal homepages, and links to Native language resources. Links to lesson plans for teaching Dakota and Lakota. View

Teaching from a Hispanic Perspective

A full text handbook for Non-Hispanic Adult Educators. View

Developing Multicultural Curriculum

Read about River Edge, N.J. 2nd grade teacher Carolyn Brush and her successful multicultural curriculum. This program combines teaching students about world cultures with the talents of the diverse student population, includes activity downloads. View

PBS multicultural lesson plans

American promise lesson plans

Music as a social protest

Boys of Baraka- The Influence of Environment on Education

Free speech or hate speech

Identity, Stereotypes and Diversity

It’s about access- Disability issues

In this lesson, students explore issues of accessibility as they step into their immediate communities to determine a range of physical barriers to those living with disabilities and conceptualize ways to remove some of those obstacles. View

School culture

In many places across the United States, "school culture" is a hot topic. How do we create schools that are safe and respectful and that inspire academic success? This lesson provides a way to involve students in that discussion. View

Science- Learning about Autism: A Service Learning Project

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in 50 U.S. children is autistic. That means there are likely to be several children with autism in every school in the country. To address the integration of those children, this lesson involves older students in a service learning project to create an activity or piece of media that helps younger students learn about autism and, where relevant, their classmates. View

Water: Thirst Lesson Plan

10 Ways to Talk to Students About Sensitive Issues in the News

Diversity Resources

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