Grade Diversity Committees

6th Grade Student Diversity Committee 

serves as an introductory course on what diversity is, why it is an asset for any community, and individual character building. To accomplish this, our curriculum is based on the expansion and application of vocabulary relating to sociological concepts e.g. culture, stereotypes, bias etc. We also focus on celebrating each individual’s identity and the cultures that comprise them.  The goal is to start diversity on a personal level to affirm the self and establish a safe space, before engaging in higher level topics and issues that the other diversity committees cover.

7th Grade Student Diversity Committee 

serves as a space to learn about what it means to be a global citizen and how to become one. We look upon the 7th grade to start taking on roles of leadership around the school in which includes making announcements during our daily all school meetings about cultural holidays. They also begin taking leadership roles within the committee and present current event stories of their choice, the relevance of the story to aspects of diversity, and then they come up with questions to ask the committee. The shift from discussion based learning to action based learning begins to take form in the 7th grade Diversity Committee and becomes a pillar of the Upper School Diversity Committee.

The Upper School Student Diversity Committee 

consists of 8th and 9th graders and serves as the committee that develops leadership skills and emphasizes synthesizing what is happening in school with what is happening globally. They are called on to be the ambassadors of the school and a few times a year are involved in panel discussions with all faculty and staff members. The Upper School Diversity Committee gets first priority for conferences and is looked upon to lead workshops for conferences as well. Each school year members of this committee give a presentation for the school on what the committees are, what diversity is, and why it is important. Members of this committee assist with the display and content of a physical diversity notice board which changes bi-weekly and addresses themes varying from Harvest Festivals around the world to inclusive language. 

Diversity Calendar

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Diversity Resources

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