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Every April, Fenn boys take to the field at the same time as the Red Sox. But instead of swinging bats and hitting balls, we are swinging our arms at hitting light switches!  The Fenn community goes on the lookout for lights, computer monitors, and projectors that have been left on in empty classrooms and common spaces around campus.  It sounds like a minor thing, to turn off one bank of overhead lights for an hour; but it does add up on our campus, throughout the buildings and over the course of the school year.  Our Buildings and Grounds crew has done great work installing energy efficient systems and relamping areas of campus, and our boys support that work by using those devices smartly and conservatively.

How to Play

Eligible Light Switches and Times

Turn of any switch with one of the green CONSERVE stickers.

You may only turn off a light switch if no one is in the room and the light has been left on; being the last to leave a room and hitting the switch then doesn't count!  Also, you cannot recruit friends to turn on lights just so you can turn them off....

You can also turn off a computer monitor that is not in use for a hit!


For every four switches a team records, one run is tallied.

If a team records a switch hit in one of the opposing team's Home Rooms, then the opposing team is charged an out (which means one of their switches recorded is deducted from the tally).

Some larger spaces are equivalent to double and home runs - you'll see which ones when you log in to record your hits!

Home Rooms

Blue Team Home Rooms: Wei (Thompson), Stiga (Schoolhouse), Duane (Science)

Gold Team Home Rooms: Waldeck (Thompson), Ward (Schoolhouse), Cribb (Science)





Some switches to log?  Awesome!  Click here.

Current Score


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