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PRIVATE BUSES AND VANS: Transportation to Fenn is available from many towns in the Metrowest area. Please refer to the list at the right to see where we currently provide service. More information about our private transportation program is available HERE.
CONCORD BUSThrough an agreement with the CPS Transportation Department, Fenn families living in Concord can use the public school bus system at no charge, with the exception of public school vacations when the buses are not in service and families will need to drive their sons to school. (CONCORD bus routes are available here.)
PARENT CARPOOLS: In addition to our transportation programs, there are a large number of active carpools available in many communities. Fenn encourages families to carpool, and our office is happy to provide town-specific contact lists to any family seeking to coordinate a carpool. 


Pick-Up and Drop-Off Directions

Drop off at Fenn by car should by by 8:15 a.m. for advisor. While we expect most morning drop-offs to run well and not require much time in a queue, drop-off and pick-up may take longer than normal during the early days of each new school year.  
Entry to Campus: For both drop-off and pick-up, families should enter the campus at Jeff Adams Way. Please note the two speed bumps on campus, one as you travel through the upper parking lot and one just before the STOP sign on the entry drive at Carr Road. You must slow to a complete stop at the STOP sign before turning onto Carr Road. Please remember that Carr Road is a two-way street, and cars can approach from all directions. Please look left, right, and ahead before turning, and please stay on the RIGHT side as you travel down Carr Road. 
Fenn's regular dismissal will take place at 3:50 p.m. for the Lower and Middle School and following sports at approximately 4:50 p.m. for the Upper School. Arriving closer to 4:00 p.m. for Lower and Middle School division pick-up, and closer to 5:00 p.m. for Upper School division pick-up, will allow parents to spend less waiting time in the queue. At all times, we request that if you arrive early and are waiting in the queue for more than three minutes that you turn your car off to avoid idling. 
Pick-Up Procedures: Cars, upon entering the loop road at the north end of the campus, will be asked to split into two lines of traffic: one on the loop road and one in the upper parking lot. You can use these two lines throughout the school year. These two lines will then merge back into a single line, heading down the left hand side of the loop road towards Carr Road. You should use both lanes at all times, being careful as you drive through the parking lot. Please help us by allowing a smooth and efficient merge of the two lines back to one at the turn in the loop road. We make these requests so that we can keep traffic off Monument Street, which would be a safety issue. Cars will then proceed to the pick-up area, pick up their passengers, and depart. 

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Transportation Program


*served by Concord Public School buses




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Fenn relies on its loyal community to sustain this wonderful place of learning for young boys. Your gift to Fenn today ensures the Fenn of tomorrow.

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