Gerard J.G. Ward, Headmaster

As the father of three boys, grandfather of three grandsons, and an educator of boys across three decades, I’m pleased that you are considering Fenn for your son. Committed to the education and development of boys in a singularly transformative time in their lives, Fenn strives to be a haven in which boys mature and grow into responsible and talented young men. Our faculty and staff strive in common purpose to ensure that every boy is known, affirmed, and understood; challenged and nurtured to discover and deepen his talents; and, above all, to emerge as a confident, skilled and responsible young man. Our aspiration and mission as a school is to lead boys to recognize and embrace that they can be genuine leaders not only at Fenn but beyond and throughout their lives.

These aspirations for Fenn boys are indeed high. To realize them, we build our educational programs and traditions on real-life experience and practice, fostering and celebrating what makes boys “boys." With knowledge of current research about the effective teaching of boys, we rely on the shared vision, good work, and practical insight of our teachers, borne of their proven and rich experience in educating boys. We build boys' education on the foundation of those qualities that define them as human beings. We’re inspired and informed by boys’ boundless physical energy, their aspiration to be just and even heroic, their delight in being comrades, friends, and teammates, their appetite for competition, their eagerness to help, their desire to solve problems, their readiness to take risks of many kinds, their unyielding demand for authenticity and fairness, and most certainly, their delight in and thirst for what is funny and fun. We seize these powerful traits and desires to encourage boys not only to take seriously the challenging business of school but to see school as a place where learning is fun and tailored to who they inherently are.

In the words of countless boys across the years, reflecting on their Fenn teachers and experience, “You get us.”  

In that ‘getting’ lie the powerful gifts of respect, independence, and high aspirations that stir boys to realize their full selves in talents and character.

As importantly, we place a premium in daily school life and our school’s culture on the importance of community: the inherent connectedness of all of our members and our abiding responsibility to each other. In all aspects of school life, we teach and model our core values of honesty, respect, empathy, and courage and summon the charge of our vibrant school motto, SUA SPONTE, the call to each boy to accept responsibility for his own education and the wellbeing of others.

It is no coincidence that Fenn alumni are often cited by their secondary schools as being leaders and they consistently assume leadership positions as school presidents, team captains, and class proctors.

Within the context and culture of knowing who boys are and who they can become, Fenn offers an educational program of challenging academics taught in small classes, a broad athletic program, rich and deep offerings in the performing and studio arts, formal and informal leadership development, an emphasis on speaking before others, and community service and service learning. Every boy from the outset and throughout his time at Fenn is known well by his teachers who serve as advisors, classroom instructors, mentors, coaches, and in the words of so many Fenn boys, friends and mentors.

Through our broad and deep curriculum, use of technology, service learning opportunitiessustainability program, diversity program, and extracurricular activities, Fenn fosters in boys local and global citizenry, helping to instill in them a keen sense of connectedness with the larger world and their responsibility to improve it.

In your consideration of our school as a possible next chapter for your son, I hope it is clear that all of us at Fenn passionately believe in the limitless possibilities for growth and transformation for your boy during these crucial years when he will grow into a young man. Fenn is dedicated to allowing every one of our boys to realize the rich promise of his life, and we take to heart and strive to honor the sacred faith that parents place in us as educators for their sons. 

I thank you for your consideration of Fenn as you look to your son’s horizon in his journey toward adulthood.

With best regards,

Jerry Ward, Headmaster

The Fenn School Mission Statement

The Fenn School seeks to prepare boys for a lifetime of learning, leadership, and integrity by offering a broad and challenging educational program in a personal community that honors diversity. Inspired by the ideals of honesty, respect, empathy, and courage, and guided by our motto, Sua Sponte, each boy is challenged to accept responsibility for himself, for his own education, and for the well-being of others.


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