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Faculty Spotlight: Maeve Lien
Posted 08/11/2016 04:07PM

Meet Maeve Lien, our Instrumental Music Director.

Q: What drew you to Fenn thirteen years ago?

A: I had three musical colleagues working here when I applied to teach band. They were Andrew Cook, Pierson Wetzel, and Rich Given. I had heard from each of them that Fenn was a great place to work and a very kind community of kids and teachers. I was also intrigued by the location. I love Colonial American History so Concord is a great place to be historically and musically.


Q: What do you enjoy most about working at Fenn?

A: I love working with the band! It is so much fun to share in a beginner’s excitement the first day he takes his instrument out of the case and creates his first notes. I treasure making that experience a safe and happy one. As the boys get older it is wonderful to see their growth and skills really take off in their middle and upper school years. I have had some incredible musicians who have really found their passion and joy in playing their instruments. My favorite thing is to have the boys for all six years of their Fenn education. It is truly a gift to be a part of their lives every day and have them in mind from when they are little nine-year-olds until they are fourteen or fifteen and ready to take off into high school. It is also a great pleasure to work with a supportive faculty who have shared goals for the boys and who work together so well to ensure that each boy can participate in all of his interests at Fenn—sports, music, drama, computer programming, community service, and so on.


Q: Do you also participate on a committee or school-wide effort, and if so, why is this work so important to you?

A: I assist with the Peer Advocate program and believe it does amazing things for the boys. Teaching them to mediate with their peers, stand up for themselves and others, and make sense and peace within the community is incredible. This is an amazing skill to learn at any age and it will serve them well throughout their lives. My own Instrumental Music program has certainly benefitted from these amazing Peer Advocates being able to step in and be positive voices among our own group when needed.


Q: What do you hope boys will come away with from your music classes and groups?

A: I have two goals for the boys. First, when they think back on their time in band or playing an instrument that they remember the experience as a positive and happy one. I want them to encourage their families and someday their own children to play instruments and to love instrumental music. I want to avoid the phrase I hear so many adults use: “I played the _____ when I was a kid, but I quit because I had a bad teacher or one I didn’t like.” If the boys graduating from Fenn never utter that phrase, I will be thrilled. I also want to prepare them to move on from Fenn into a strong high school band program. I want them to continue their musical journeys as far as they wish to take them. Nothing pleases me more than seeing Fenn boys play in their high school groups.


Q: What are your passions and interests outside of Fenn?

A: I am an active freelancing musician in the Boston area and play many performances in musical theater, orchestra, jazz bands, and rock bands. Boston has a wonderful network of talented musicians. I also love to swim and have been a competitive swimmer since I was five. I have coached over the years and remain an active competitor and Masters swimmer as an adult. I am also a huge reader, and I enjoy genealogy and historical research. 


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